Want to be Slim? Few Ways to Improve Basal Metabolism

Many people think that as long as cutting the back on calories, the slimming ca be achieved. This kind of weight loss method has good effect from beginning, but the energy required for calories is insufficient for a long time, then the body begins to accumulate fat and becomes more fat.

The key to losing fat is the level of basal metabolism. There is no fixed value for basal metabolism, which will reduce along with age. How to improve the basal metabolism? Following method are suggested.

1. Do not cut calories excessively.

The human body has a produce to keep normal weight automatedly. If you suddenly lose 1000 calories from your diet, your body’s basal metabolism will slow down accordingly, and the body will judge that you are starvation.

If you are planning to lose weight program, it is recommended that the reduction of calorie be controlled in the 300-500.

2. Do not forget eating breakfast

Breakfast is the most important with metabolism and lose weight in the day. When you sleep, the metabolic rate will be very low. The first meal in the morning will make your metabolism back to normal levels, consuming more calories of your body. So if you ignore breakfast, your body wont burn the fat before lunch. Breakfast is like a metabolic starter, the hungry body will absorb more fat than usual if you don’t eat breakfast. So be careful, Do not think that you can lose weight if you don’t take breakfast, instead, you will get fatter without eating breakfast.  

3. Eat more proteins

Plenty of proteins can increase the body’s metabolic rate, which burns 150-200 calories per day. Proteins are composed of amino acids, and your body consume them is more hard than fat and carbohydrate. So to break them down you need to burn more calories.

We should ensure 25%-35% of total calories intake from protein per day, so that the diet is balanced.

4. Eat good carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrate like white bread, cookies, crackers and sweets cause fluctuation wildly in insulin level, accelerating the storage of fat in your body and slowing down metabolism. So its recommended to eat some high-fiber whole grain cereals if we supplement the carbohydrates. These foods have very little effect on insulin levels.

5. Leave alcohol

When the body start metabolic function, it burns the calories contained in the alcohol first,  which means that the calories from other diets may be stored as fat in the skin. If you do have ‘alcohol addiction’, you may try a little grape wine, a glass of wine contains only 80 kcal of calories and has plenty of antioxidants that are good for health.

6. Strengthen muscle training

Your body’s basic metabolic will decrease with age, but strength training will rejuvenate it. The regular muscle training can improve the basic metabolic rate by 6.8% to 7.8%. in other words, if weigh 120 pounds, you burn about 100 kilocalories a day.

7. Sufficient sleep

In sufficient sleep affect the body’s metabolic function. When the human body is tried, it will be lack of energy to maintain the daily activities, so the body’s metabolic capacity will go down. If your sleep is not good, you should plan your exercise before sleeping 2-3 hours. Besides, taking a warm bath before going to bed will make you a good sleep.

8. Eat more fish

People who eat fish regularly, will reduce the hormone leave of Leptin , which is good for reducing weight. Because the higher the level of the Leptin, the lower the metabolic rate of the body becomes, the body becomes more and more fat. So you should try fish meal 3-4 times each if keeping the body slim.

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