Travelling Days

I was going to pack last night, but then I had to clothes to wash, so I packed in the morning and got to the airport right on time. My carry on bag is a Mystery Ranch bag (highly recommend), and Ive got one flight to Vegas, and then to Montreal

When you reach financial freedom and time freedom, it makes you a man apart from the rest of the world. I go about my day doing only what I want, not what I am compelled to do according to external demand. My time is entirely my own, and until you live this way, you never realize how the masses of the world all live in accordance with what “must” be done versus what they might wish to be free to do.

Unlike many, I never dreamed of travel when I was younger, I really did not. Not because I wasnt curious, but rather I never harbored escapism fantasies of any kind. Escapism is a social institution now. Americans LIVE to get away from the mundaneness of their living.

Paradoxically, I never lived a life I wanted to escape from. I made a life that likely is an escapist fantasy for many, and I find myself bored and in search of greater meaning and purpose.

Montreal has been settled for some 350 years. I’ve always wanted to see it simply because I like old places, and I wanted to go somewhere that I could be an outsider and observe (its also strategically located closer to Europe than any other city in North America, according to the costs of flights from the city and the duration)

Its supposed to be quite nice for a big city, with a beautiful mix of architecture, excellent public transportation, and fairly cosmopolitan in regards to the culture. Its also known for being French speaking, Which I don’t speak a word of, but all the better. It is good to be a foreigner at times.

Aloneness is where we learn about ourselves

Alone is a word that scares people, at times, or is comforting at times. We desire to be alone when we feel apart, uncomfortable, afraid. When we need to time to think, reflect, or relax.

We fear being alone as well. But rarely do we feel lonely when we are truly by ourselves. There is no worse loneliness than that of being around people you do not want to be around. Or with someone that you wish you were not with. Loneliness is most aching when we feel apart from others, rarely when we have the freedom to be apart.

But being alone is singular in that strips us down to what we ARE. You will never feel more like yourself than when you do as a stranger, keenly aware of your differences and preferences and paradigms.

Travel, if it is done properly, it ought not to be a “search” for the self I think, but a defining of what the self is. The magic is the self-discovery of what is already there.

That is my hope anyways.

To those that are wondering, I am plan on training the entire time I am on this trip

I don’t do hotel workouts or anything of that nature. I either train at a fully equipped gym, or I don’t train at all. As everywhere I am going is largely a city-scape of some kind, I have already scheduled out what gyms are in what areas that I can utilize.

I’ll be following a basic Push-Pull-Legs sort of routine and wont be lifting more than 3 days weekly. Each workout will simply be a long workout, done heavy with a of volume. And then a weeks recovery time until the next time I train.

I have zero concern about muscle loss, strength, or any other brotard concerns.

Fun fact-So long as you MAINTAIN your strength through training heavy enough, its hard to lose muscle mass. And muscle maintenance doesn’t require more than 2-3 sessions weekly

What about DIET?

Since I know someone will ask this as well: I do not worry about “diet” when I travel.

All I focus on is eating protein at each meal, and I eat as much as I like as often as I like.

The best diet is the one that is not a diet, and is simply how you eat and don’t think about.

I basically eat an informed “bro diet”

-I eat animal flesh, a lot of it

-I eat carbs that aren’t fried, if I feel like I want to have carbs

I get pedantic and list out a bunch of food rules and heuristics, but that would be pointless complication.

If you know what your body’s nutrient needs are, its not hard to eat “healthy” and eat well and not think about it once it’s become habitualized.

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