Life Tips for Men

1. No one owes you shit, and your entitlement is unbecoming.​ Also useless. Either you earn it or you don’t deserve it. People that get thing they don’t deserve are role models on how not to live, not on what to do.

2. You probably can’t have it all, and you will need to pick and choose what matters most. Deciding what your priorities are will require some concentrated and objective decision making. Not everything you want is worth having, or is realistic to have.

3. You do not have forever to do the things you want to do. ​You do NOT have all the time in the world. This attitude will fuck you over with every passing year you cling to it.

4. Unless you are a genius and keystone cog in a machine, you are replaceable at most jobs you do.​ Either be exceptional or be easily fired. Or create your own business. This requires learning lots of things, most of which experience will kick your teeth in on if you don’t learn them. If you want to be self made, you must be self paid

5. Get the fuck over having to be right about everything.​ You’ve barely lived, you don’t know anything. Losers love to be right, because then they don’t have to learn anything

6. Maintaining meaningful relationships is harder than you think. ​Good friends are hard to find, harder to keep. As for romance, take the redpill gentleman. Friends that last a lifetime are few number, and weak ties you make can change your life in surprising ways. Enjoy the people you meet along your particular way.

7. You have to keep learning.​ Simple, but people fight it. Your failures are always your fault, learn why. If you “success” that has to outweigh failure at some point, and that won’t come by knowing only what you what you know right now.

8. Just getting by requires work. ​Success take more. None of this gets “easier” just because time passes, you just better and more capable (hopefully).

9. Build skills, but set grandiose goals still.​ Work for something that will take you to a new edge of who you are. Go over the edge a few times, learn where that edge, is and how to push it without falling. Optimism makes for an easier life than pessimism, and positivity has power. If you rolled your eyes at that, grow the fuck up.

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