Which fruit contain lecithin most?

Lecithin is a substance that can break down fat, so people who lose weight can usually eat more foods containing lecithin. So which fruit contains the most lecithin? Among all the fruits, avocado is a kind of lecithin-containing species, and in addition to a variety of minerals, the nutritional value is high. Avocado is not too expensive today, so it has gradually become the choice of ordinary families.

Avocado is a fruit with high nutritional value, containing a variety of vitamins, rich fatty acids and protein, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and other high content, nutritional value and cream, and has the reputation of “forest cream”.

Its composition is very similar to that of the natural sebum membrane, so it can fill the damaged parts of the skin and prevent water loss. It is a mild moisturizer for the skin. The lecithin rich in avocado can help dry and damaged hair, leaving hair soft and smooth.

The role of lecithin:

Protector of the liver

Choline in phospholipids has affinity for fat. If the body lacks choline, it will affect fat metabolism, causing fat to accumulate in the liver, forming fatty liver and even inflammation and swelling. Lecithin not only prevents fatty liver, but also promotes hepatocyte regeneration. At the same time, phospholipids can lower serum cholesterol levels, prevent cirrhosis and help restore liver function.

Positive effects on heart health

Lecithin has a positive effect on heart health. This is because it can regulate the content of cholesterol in the human body, and effectively reduce the incidence of cholesterol, hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease.

Blood vessel “scavenger”

Lecithin has the function of emulsification and decomposition of oil and fat, which can improve blood circulation, improve serum lipids, remove peroxide, reduce blood cholesterol and neutral fat content, reduce the residence time of fat in blood vessel wall, and promote atherosclerotic plaque. Dissipate to prevent damage to the intima caused by cholesterol. Taking lecithin has a significant effect on hyperlipidemia and high cholesterol, thus preventing and treating atherosclerosis (hypertension, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage).

Nutrition for patients with diabetes

Insufficient lecithin can cause pancreatic function to decline, unable to secrete sufficient insulin, and cannot effectively transport glucose in the blood to cells, which is one of the basic causes of diabetes. If you consume more than 20 grams of lecithin per day, the recovery of diabetes is quite significant. Many patients do not even need to inject insulin. In particular, it is more effective for patients with complications such as diabetic gangrene and arteriosclerosis.

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