How to manage the household asset?


Long-term deposit interest rates have fallen, making many citizens feel that this type of investment is no longer the first choice for financial management. With the growth of household income and wealth, as well as the increasing uncertainties in the market, what adjustments should be made to household financial management and investment, which mainly focus on savings and investment? The relationship between risk and return should be balanced from two aspects: investment time and risk tolerance level.

From the perspective of investment time, short-term and long-term investment should be allocated accordingly. Short-term financial investment can fully combine efficiency and liquidity: large deposit certificates, treasury bonds, cash management financial management, etc.; long-term financial investment Risks can be resisted through time, such as the risk of inflation: funds, insurance, fixed-income financial management, etc. From the perspective of the distribution ratio of investment and wealth management, according to the risk tolerance level of customers, the allocation of different shares of products with different risk levels of high, medium and low, and diversified allocation of assets is still the best way to obtain income and diversify risks.

In addition, in the process of family financial management and investment, it is first necessary to set a financial plan according to the family situation, and at the same time set financial management goals to avoid family financial crisis. Investors need to analyze rationally, invest cautiously, communicate more with professionals, and do not choose products blindly.