About Movie


Japanese director Ozu Yasujiro had such a saying: “The essence of film appeal should be that you think about it once and then think about how to appeal this idea to the audience.”

Tracing back to the source, a movie, the sound of a good movie is just the script, or the original behind the script. In this era, the cost of going to a movie is much lower than reading a novel. Even if the film is an art with more people involved, it is essentially plain, or easy to reach.

However, even then we can’t give up the text and give up reading the original novel. Even if I have watched a lot of movies, I will read the original text, find another world. After all, reading the original novel is like going through an unaccompanied adventure. The more “lost” space is as precious as life itself.

As Umberto Echo said: “In any case, we will not stop reading novels, because it is in those fictional stories that we try to find universal laws that give meaning to life. We are looking for a story that belongs to ourselves in whole life. The story tells us why we were born and why we live.”