Tiffany’s Breakfast


Truman • Capote

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a novel from the anther Truman Capote.

She always wears sunglasses, she always dresses neatly and delicately, and the blue and gray clothes, though lacking in brilliance, make her shine. She exudes a healthy atmosphere like breakfast cereal, which is as clean as soap and lemon.

She left the relatives in the country and everything behind her, and entered the upper class in New York with beauty. She did not work, and lived with the rich. She raised one Only tiger tattooed cats.

She is pure and eccentric, erratic, she is most afraid of the feeling of “fear and trembling”, she has been looking for her own home. She is not Audrey Hepburn, is she Marilyn Monroe? Everyone has their own answer.

With the song “Moon River”, She walked slowly to the window of the Tiffany jewelry store. She ate the breakfast in her hand and watched beautiful expensive jewelry inside Tiffany. Her name is Holly, a girl who loves to dream. She is eager to find a man like Tiffany make her no worried. Because she called Tiffany “a place without sorrow”, whenever she felt uneasy, she took a car to here and she took a look at Tiffany, she immediately felt peace of mind.

In fact, who has never longed for something that he dreamed of? Because it is difficult to get, it is even more precious. On the road to getting this thing, there may be many difficulties. The pressure of life is like a hurricane. We will lose ourselves and be involved in it at any time, if we do not strengthen our beliefs. Whenever you feel depressed and confused, as long as you think about it or look at your own mind, you will have the motivation to fight for it. In order to get it, you will forget the pain and suffering on the road.